Residential Care


HK_FocusArea_ResidentialSince 1903, we’ve provided safe and loving homes for those in need. Today, this remains a priority. We offer residential care for adults with intellectual disabilities as well as therapeutic foster care for children who require specialized support. With the support of donors and volunteers, we enhance the lifestyles of both children and adults, helping them lead full and meaningful lives while developing hope for the future. images



HumanKind’s Residential Care services manages residential community-based group homes, supervised living apartments and sponsored homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. All of our residences are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Individuals in our homes benefit from strengthening various skill-building activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Personal Hygiene (grooming, bathing, bathroom etiquette, etc.)
  • Eating
  • Shopping
  • Household Chores (laundry, meal preparation, dining etiquette, etc.)
  • Social Skills (developing friendships, conflict/resolution, etc.)
  • Communication (writing letters, making phone calls, operating computers, reading literature, etc. )
  • Transportation
  • Budgeting
  • Informal Counseling
  • Scheduling and Attending Appointments
  • Exercising
  • Following Instructions
  • Other Daily Skills







Recent Blog Stories

Capital One Moves Working Families Toward Brighter Futures

We’re excited to announce our recent grant awarded from Capital One in the amount of $25,000 for our Ways to Work, Richmond program.

Ways to Work is an Economic Empowerment program that provides low-interest car loans to working families. It is designed to help participants move toward financial stability, increased self-sufficiency and advanced career opportunities. In addition to loan assistance, participants receive financial education and coaching – making a substantial difference in their lives.

Thank you, Capital One, for supporting the mission of HumanKind and changing lives.


New Partnership with Central Virginia Community College

We’re excited to announce our new Child Development Associate (CDA) class partnership with Central Virginia Community College (CVCC)! The college is going to provide a space for us to teach the class on their campus. This course gives early childhood educators the knowledge they need to complete the CDA exam, which is essential to earning the CDA credential that gives educators the qualifications they need to become directors and leaders in the child care community. Your contribution helps build partnerships such as this that leads to strong foundations for the future of our community — our children.

The class will run at CVCC from Jan. 14-Oct. 6, 2016, and is limited to 30 people. Learn more today!


How We Help

Early Childhood Development

Building a strong foundation in the early years prepares children for success in school, social settings and life. Our Early Childhood Development programs help young children develop core competencies as well as confidence.


Residential Care

We offer three types of residential care for adults with intellectual disabilities as well as therapeutic foster care for children in need of a loving home.