Child Care Resource Center


Complete child care facilitation center


The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is the central hub for comprehensive child care information and referral services. We offer support and education for parents looking to better prepare themselves for navigating the child care system. We provide training and monthly workshops to early childhood educators to assist them in creating quality learning environments for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Our services are also available to those individuals who are employed by, or have an ownership interest in, a child care facility.  The CCRC  provides technical assistance to child care providers within a large area of the Piedmont region. This assistance can range from checking a VA-DSS licensing regulation for a provider, to on-site early educator individual or group coaching.shutterstock_50844475

If you are involved in early learning centers and/or family day homes and are seeking to maximize training opportunities or simply improve the quality of care you provide, CCRC is the perfect resource. Our free resource libraries are open to the public, and our staff has extensive knowledge about all types of child care.


Contact info:

Presbyterian Homes Campus: 434-528-5437
Midtown location: 434- 485-5944 ext. 265