Give Stocks & Securities


Increasing numbers of donors are making gifts to HumanKind using appreciated securities including stock, bonds, and mutual funds. Gifts of appreciated securities are put to work immediately for unrestricted support, to fund a specific project, or to be invested as permanent endowment.

Donations of securities offer two tax advantages. First, the full fair market value of the stock is fully tax deductible. Second, donors avoid capital gain taxes by transferring stock directly to HumanKind.

The quickest and safest way to donate securities is to ask your broker to make a transfer from your account to Jodie Wertz at Morgan Stanley. Please instruct your broker to include your name in the subject line of the transfer so that you will be identified as the donor.

To make a DTC transfer, please follow these steps:

    • Contact Courtney Godsey, Donor Relations Associate, 434-485-8121.  It is very helpful to know the name and the number of shares you are transferring.
    • Then contact Jodie Wertz at Morgan Stanley at 540-983-4907 to get our account number.
    • Have your broker or agent transfer securities to:


Firm: Jodie Wertz at Morgan Stanley
Account Name: Presbyterian Homes and Family Services, Inc.
Account Number: 934105765
DTC #:0015
Contact: 540-983-4907