Healthy Families Serves 100th Breastfeeding Mom

Healthy Families’ Certified Lactation Counselor Joy Knapton is celebrating a huge milestone —she served her 100th breastfeeding mother in just a two year time period. The program, which offers support and encouragement to breastfeeding moms prenatally, in the hospital, five days after birth, two weeks postpartum and all the way up until their baby’s first birthday started in June of 2012 with only one client, but quickly grew. In 2013, breastfeeding support groups started, which helped many moms who were struggling to breastfeed become empowered by the encouragement and testimonies of other women with similar experiences. According to Joy, the mothers in our program find breastfeeding to be a freeing process, allowing them to provide something for their baby that no one else can, and giving them one-on-one bonding time several times a day.