Four-Month Plan

January 2:                   Book and Registration Fee Due ($90)

January 14:                 First Payment  Due ($88)

February 11:                Second Payment  Due ($88)

March 10:                    Third Payment Due  ($88)

April 14:                       Fourth Payment Due ($40)

Total Amount :           $394

Nine-Month Plan 

January 2:                  Book and Registration Fee Due ($90)

First Semester

January 14:                First Payment Due ($38)

February 11:              Second Payment Due ($38)

March 10:                  Third Payment Due ($38)

April 14:                     Fourth Payment Due ($38)

Second Semester

May 12:                      Fifth Payment Due ($38)

June 9:                       Sixth Payment Due ($38)

July 14:                       Seventh Payment Due ($38)

August 11:                  Eighth Payment Due ($38)

Total Amount:          $394

Please Note:

The CDA Council requires a separate application fee once this course is completed. This fee is not part of your tuition to the Child Care Resource Center. You may take six months to apply for your CDA credential after finishing this course, if you need to wait for financial reasons. The CDA Council requires this fee to be paid in full and up front with your application. The fee is $425, which includes the application, test, verification visit and the CDA credential certificate.